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Honey Guy Products, Inc. is now back at First Monday Canton trade days, come see us this weekend and the 1st Monday weekend of every month in Canton, TX...we look forward to seeing you here!
[06/20/19]   It's summertime all you animal lovers, don't forget to protect your pet with our all natural line of Bite Free products! Our Bite Free sprays are the perfect all natural solution to keep the bugs at bay. The Bite Free cream is great for hot spots, and for keeping those biting flies off their ears. Bite Free cream lasts for up to 12 hours and is waterproof! (It's great for kiddos too)

Daddy and I enjoying summer at Canton ~ Don't forget it's going to be another hot one, so take good care of your skin.
Honey Guy Products, Inc. Hello from the crew at HoneyGuyProducts, Just a quick reminder that we have 1 month until summer is officially here. Lets make sure not to forget our feet! For beautiful summer and sandal ready feet WaterBlocker skin cream will have your feet beach ready in no time!
Hello from the crew at HoneyGuyProducts, Just a quick reminder that we have 1 month until summer is officially here. Lets make sure not to forget our feet! For beautiful summer and sandal ready feet WaterBlocker skin cream will have your feet beach ready in no time!
Honey Guy Products, Inc. Welcome to our 5th generation of honey and hand cream products , we are posting this cover photo in loving memory of our co-founder Ardy Johnson. We will continue to produce our outstanding products as a family owned company. ~Crystal McLean , Co-Owner, 4th generation bee keeper and loving daughter of Don and Ardy . Honey Guy Products, Inc. produces East Texas Wildfower Honey and a line of all-natural beeswax skin creams.
Honey Guy Products, Inc.'s cover photo
Honey Guy Products, Inc.'s cover photo
[02/16/17]   Check or website. We have added several options for our pocket size creams and lip balms including aluminum tubs and 3 packs that save you money. Also, there are now alternate ways to pay - Amazon Pay and PayPal.
My daughter Erin (who also distributes Waterblocker Skin Creme in sleek designer packaging) sent us this video of her honey bees on the one-day blooms of her San Remo cactus. Beautiful.
Amy Thanks Amy! We think so too, and it's nice that the word is getting out! Your Waterblocker Skin Cream ROCKS! Thank You :o)
Kenny Thanks for the shout out Kenny! Just bought some more of your product. I live in Colorado and refuse to use anything else for lotion. It's so dry here and this stuff works great. Thank you!
Carolyn Carolyn you can buy it online from us : http://www.thehoneyguy.com/ or Duluth Trading might have more shipping options.http://m.duluthtrading.com/store/product/dry-skin-lotion-honey-guy-waterblocker-cream-18735.aspx Sure would like to know where to buy the Waterblocker cream in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Michele Thank you Michele! We love glowing customer reviews like yours! I love your Waterblocker Skin Cream!
Marty Glad you're enjoying the Waterblocker cream. Three simple, honest ingredients. Less IS actually more. Thank you for the great review. Just started using Waterblocker on my sore, cracked fingers and feet. This cream is really helping.
Melody Melody, you can order online at: http://www.thehoneyguy.com/
It's a mobile friendly site. Thank you Pebbles Hurley for the Invite! Heard so much good about this from you- cant wait to try some of it out
Pebbles My mother and I had a great time at Canton first monday talking and learning about all uses for the honey guy products. We both love all the products and have been using them for years. Not only do I use the water blocker for myself but I also use it and the flea spray on my little boston terrier (Pebbles). It works great when she gets scratches and welps during the summer. I use all the products on my grandsons but I really like the insect cream and spray because they are all natural. I will be going back to First Monday this month with a rally group and I'll be stopping by the Honey Guy Booth to say Hi.
Mary Thank you Mary for sharing how well Beeswax Bandage helps to heal from bruising. We appreciate the kind words. Purchased the Beeswax Bandage at the Tyler show and could not believe the results. I have thin skin and the slightest bump causes an ugly bruise. I Put the natural ingredient formula on my bruises and within minutes one bruise was at least 5 shades lighter. By morning it has almost disappeared. I will make sure I always have this handy. It acts as a waterproof bandage that is safe, flexible (reducing and eliminating scaring) and stingless.
Michelle You are so very welcome Michelle! Thank you for the heartfelt testimonial. We appreciate your words, and the time it took to post a great review. I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am an animal keeper, so I am constantly washing my hands, putting them in salt water, and in buckets of fish. My skin takes a serious beating, and on top of it I have eczema on my wrists, legs, and elbows. I saw an improvement in my skin within the DAY I started to use your water blocker lotion. Absolutely fantastic, and I just informed all of my zookeeper friends about all of your fantastic products.
duluthtrading.com Beeswax Bandage Duluth also has our Beeswax Bandage Skin Cream
http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/product/womens-beeswax-bandage-18713.aspx?p_redirect=1&p_keyword=beeswax bandage&p_origin=mens-home duluthtrading.com The Beeswax Bandage from Duluth Trading Company is a better bandage. It instantly stops minor bleeding and heels cuts without stinging.
[06/03/15]   Great reviews at @Duluth Trading Co.
Good News!! It is Spring time and the bees are buzzing. They have provided us with a limited supply of comb honey. The comb is a delicacy and was the original "chewing gum". Packed with pollens, it is a natural immunizer against allergies. Order today and enjoy an experience which is rare today - the taste, texture and natural goodness of pure honey comb. Available while supply lasts.. http://www.thehoneyguy.com/product-p/310.htm
[01/20/15]   New at Honey Guy Products - quantity discounts on balms and creams plus free shipping on orders totaling over $100. Discounts applied automatically - no coupons or codes required. No quantity discounts on honey but it is included in the total for free shipping.
[01/07/15]   Honey Guy 16oz Waterblocker Skin Cream on sale through January 10th - 15% off - $29.75 (reg $35)
[12/30/14]   NEW YEAR'S SPECIAL! 15% off our Waterblocker Skin Cream!!
This large size is our best buy per ounce and now through Jan 10, it is on SALE for $29.75!!
[12/13/14]   Sensitive skin or allergic to most preparations? Read on...

Order Comments: I am an avid Honey Guy product user. I am 31, and have developed skin & food sensitivities over the last 10 years. I have discovered that if a product has synthetics, parabens, or high amounts of petroleum products my skin reacts poorly. I am even allergic to antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin, which actually slows the healing process & makes me more prone to infection & scarring! Even the adhesive in band aids can cause rashes. I was hesitant at first to try the first aid product, because of the mineral oil. However, having spoken with you during First Monday in Canton, Texas, I felt confident that the percent of the total contents was low enough and of high enough quality that it was worth a try. That was 3 years ago, and now my medicine cabinet is never without it! Just a week ago I burned the back of my hand removing a heavy pan from the oven. I slathered a generous portion of the first aid on immediately, and have kept my hands slathered with Water Blocker. Nearly all signs of a pretty severe burn are gone in just one week! I am prone to a pronounced histamine reaction after ants or mosquitos bite, and find your products much more successful than topical Benadryl & less messy than calamine to stop the itching. First Aid is great for small nicks from shaving & really speeds the healing of minor cuts & even bruises. Lastly, I am a project manager within the food manufacturing industry. We have to wash frequently with a strong antibacterial soap that causes a nasty contact dermatitis reaction to the backs of my hands and wrists. The only thing I've ever used successfully to clear the reaction and prevent a new breakout is the Honey Guy Water Blocker product. I keep the travel size in my bag at all times. Thank you for making such a wonderful quality beeswax product. I am stocking up for gifts for friends for Christmas!
Alison in Plano
[12/09/14]   What one of our customers says:

"I have had 2 knee replacements within the last 13 months. The scars on both knees were very red, swollen and I felt a lot of pain. After applying the HONEY GUY Waterblocker Skin Cream, the redness in the incision has almost disappeared. After using this cream mornings and evenings, I can tell a difference. I have only been applying the cream for 3 weeks. The skin color is returning and the scars seem to be getting smaller.
I plan on showing my surgeon the big changes in my knees and will recommend he tell his patients about this cream.
D.M. Nashville, TN

Learn more about Waterblocker at http://www.thehoneyguy.com/searchresults.asp?cat=28
[12/08/14]   Honey Guy wants to know if FaceBook is everything people say it is. Like him and then check out his social store. You will be happy you did! Limited time.
www.thehoneyguy.com COMB HONEY LIMITED TIME ONLY! Give the rarest of treats - COMB HONEY


[12/05/14]   Christmas 2014! Share Honey Guy Products with your friends. Now you can access our shopping cart directly via the "Social Store" button above.
[07/02/14]   We have upgraded our website! It is more streamlined and mobile friendly. We hope this will make shopping easier and quicker for our customers.
Honey Guy Products, Inc.'s cover photo
[03/01/12]   2012 is looking good for the bees in East Texas. Plenty of rain and mild winter has the bees exploding in their hives. Our bees work only wildflowers. We refrain from pollenating crops to insure that our honey will have many different pollens in it rather than just one pollen from a crop. That makes Honey Guy's East Texas Wildflower the best for allergies. Natural, raw wildflower honey will help your body to build immunity to pollens over a period of a few months just by eating a teaspoon to a tablespoon of honey each day. But what most people do not know is that it also helps with the immediate symptoms. Raw honey has natural antihistamine which works quickly to stop runny nose and itchy eyes. When symptoms appear, take several tablespoons of honey and the symptoms will disappear in a few minutes. The latest research shows that local honey may not be as good as was once thought for allergies because even the amateur beekeepers rent out their hives for crop pollination producing "one-pollen" honey. You have to be careful to get wildflower honey that has not been processed in any way. Research also indicates that wildflower honey from any region can be of benifit to allergy sufferers in other regions because pollens share many similarities. The human body produces "antibodies" from the pollens it is exposed to. These antibodies fight future invasions by the same and/or similiar pollens. If you are an allergy sufferer in east Texas or anywhere else, chances are, Honey Guy East Texas wildflower honey will help.

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