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Life is too short to be miserable and unhappy all the time.
I’ve always been curious about that.

[08/13/20]   Happy Friday! iPhone users ask Siri what you should befor halloween then post a screenshot in the comments! Mine is in the comments!
[08/13/20]   Describe your day using a gif!
[08/13/20]   What is your favorite social media platform?
Stop by my page and keep adding to the likes or sharing it for me! Thank you everyone who has supported my posh page! I just checked my like count today and we’re currently at 102 likes! Thank you all so very much. Please keep them coming!!
I just checked my like count today and we’re currently at 102 likes! Thank you all so very much. Please keep them coming!!
Self care Saturday! What are you guys doing to take care of yourself today? Me I’m spending time with god writing out scripture and getting closer to my one true Father.
Happy Thursday beautiful people!
#thankfulthursday what are you thankful for?
#selfcare make sure to take care of yourself you cannot take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself! Tell me what you’re thankful for today please 👇
Stop by my perfectly posh page and give it a like please. I’m at 84 likes and I would love to have at least 150 likes. Share and get some more likes for the page please.
[08/03/20]   We’re at 84 likes so far so 2 more than we had this morning! Thank you everyone for inviting people to like this page!
Share and get some more likes for the page please.
[08/03/20]   Do me a favor please. Share this page for me please. We’re at 82 likes and I would love to get that up to at least 150 by this evening.
What do you do for self care?
I’m so excited!🥳🤩😍😎 new products were released yesterday! Grab them at my website quick as you can! #pamperingtime #newproducts
Grab them here:
I’m not sure of what band I would pick. What band is your answer?
[04/04/19]   After going inactive with posh so long ago! I’ve met a lady who taught me how I could reactivate my perfectly posh account so here pretty soon I’ll be with both posh and younique! I’m very excited I love both companies very much!
Just keep swimming! There's always gonna be bumps but if you see them as just a tiny thing, they won't be a setback. Stay positive and keep moving, it will change!
Life changes when you look for stuff to be happy and grateful about! Just #believe and look around! #changeyourlife
No matter how your day was, no matter what you're facing, grasp your courage and try again tomorrow!
Good morning all my pretty friends! Society sure has a way of making us feel less than, don't they? Well my bible tells me that God made me perfect, in his image. And he made you that way too! So let's show that to the world today!
If you're still breathing, there's still a chance to create change. All change begins with you. Want a different world, what can you change about yourself and your immediate surroundings? Little things like that may not seem like they do anything but I assure you they have a ripple effect!
Pamper It Away
Monday is an amazing blessing. It's a brand new day, in a brand new week. It's given as a gift, as a reminder that nothing is permanent. Use this brand new day and brand new week to make the changes you want in your life. Choosing to see Monday in a new light changes your whole week! So have an amazing Monday!
There's always another side to the coin! Sometimes we're kind of programmed to see the negative, we get bombarded with it, and so our lives become one negative thing after the other. When you learn to look for and see the other side, things start to change. It may not happen over night, but they do change. I'd rather see the roses on the thorn bushes than be mad about the thorns on the roses.
Happy Sunday!! Have a blessed day!
I'm working on remaking this page. Please excuse the chaos and confusion as I "remodel"! What would you like to see most on this page?
Pamper It Away's cover photo
Reached Pink! Reached Pink! Pink is my first promotion with Perfectly Posh! So excited to reach my first promotion!!
I believe every person is beautiful, strong, and worthy. Each person has something so special and unique. Don't forget that!
Nurses are some of the hardest working, giving people ever! Why not grab some special stuff to spoil them? I can help you create fantastic gifts for the ones you love!
Like yourself, like what you do, and like your process. Sometimes success isn't just about money, cars, status, or your bank account.
Do something today to break your normal! See what happens when you do :)

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