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Lash lift and tint. Yessss girl.
Sometimes you just need to turn off your phone and find a place to be quiet for an hour.... we’re happy to help.
A little bit of lash love today with some extensions.

I bet you wash your face before bed now!
Don’t forget that moisturizer!!
Are you giving your skin what it needs? So many of us skimp on our skincare routine.
Isn’t this how a lot of us feel? We don’t address it until it hurts or it does not work.
Esthetic services coming 2021!!!!!!! What are your skin goals?
Take a second to stand sideways in a mirror and tell me what you see... how heavy is your head?

Weekend vibes
We are working on some exciting new things here and we are so excited to tell you all about them as soon as we can. Praying October is good to each and every one of you.
Just a little Friday nugget.
The answer is yes! Everyone needs it right now. Our bodies are being attacked by so much stress right now. Make yourself a priority!
Massage is life
Choose Love
Timeline Photos
How often do you remind yourself to do these things? Just this simple reminder throughout the day can make a world of difference. We are open and sanitized and ready to help you relax.
The world could use a little more love these days.

We’ve been given the approval to open our doors on Thursday May 21st!

This is amazing news! However, we are now obligated to follow certain procedures per the governor’s orders. These are as follows:

- Only the client that is currently being worked on will be allowed in the building, we will not be able to allow anyone to accompany you to appointments (unless the client is a minor then one parent will be allowed).

- If you are symptomatic or have been around someone who has been symptomatic such as coughing, fever, sneezing please reschedule until you have been symptom free for 72 hours.

- All clients will be required to wear a mask as well as being asked to wash their hands before entering the treatment room.

- We will be doing a forehead thermometer check upon entry and anyone running a fever will be asked to reschedule.

- Anyone over 65 years of age is encouraged to remain home.

Please message us on Facebook or click our booking link in our “about” section on Facebook to book your appointment! We can’t wait to see all of your faces!
Respect Massage Let's. 👏 Get. 👏 It. 👏 Together. 👏
We are missing our people so much these days but are continuing to follow the guidance of our licensing board. This has been a very trying time for our small business and continues to be, however we will still be here for you as soon as our doors are allowed to open. Thank you so much for your emails and messages.
[04/27/20]   The update today from Governor Abbott says we will be closed at least until May 18th. We’re missing all of you so much!!!

Many of you are asking how you can help our small business during this time. We are still offering gift cards for future appointments if you would like to help in this way. If you would like to thank a healthcare worker or first responder their gift cards are 30 percent off. Thank you all so much we are so blessed to have such amazing clients.
[04/01/20]   Unfortunately due to recent extensions to the restrictions in place for COVID-19 we will remain closed through April 30. Our schedule will be open May 1st if there are no further restrictions. We miss all of you and look forward to being back to business as usual.
Book your appointment with us today! Our booking link is located in the "about" section of our page.
It will change your life! Book your appointment with us today! Our booking link is located in the "about" section of our page.
What kind of things are you doing to pass the time during this season of uncertainty? Post a picture in the comments let’s brighten each other’s days.
Book your appointment with us today! Our booking link is located in the "about" section of our page.
For all of you working from home here are some great stretches to keep you from getting to tight and miserable while we’re all doing what we’re told in order to keep people safe and get back to work ASAP. Take about fifteen minutes to do these stretches daily to keep those hip flexors from getting to short from all the sitting. Stay safe we miss all of you.

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