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[09/20/17]   Okay folks. As some of you know and some of you don't, I'm moving soon. And in order to do so I need money. So...for one week only, all of my fantastic beard care products will run you a whole $5. That's a pretty steep discount for all natural, hand crafted beard care supplies. So if you've never tried Nash's, or you just need to restock, shoot me a message
[08/04/17]   So, I'm back at it and I need y'alls help. Im gonna make this soap and I need some suggestions. What do you want it of your soap? Qualities, contents, price ? Best helper gonna win a free bar. Let's do it
[07/03/17]   Okay, so here's the breakdown for Nash's Independence day sale. We're breaking up kits and selling you whatever you need. We've got:

The 2 ounce bottle of Beard wash for $10
The 1 Ounce tin of Beard balm for $10
The 1 Ounce tin of Beard butter for $10
The 1 ounce bottle of Beard oil for $12.50
Wooden combs for $7.50
Boars hair brushes for $12.50
And the mini styling brushes for $7.50
These are are deep deep discounts, available for a limited time one and only here at Nash's
[07/03/17]   Morning, folks. So as most of you are aware, The Fourth is tomorrow. A day we celebrate independence, and freedom. Well here at Nash's we're all about freedom. So for this week, today until next Monday, we are helping pass freedom around a bit. For one week only, you can buy our all natural beard care products individually instead of as a kit. It's the best time to stock up on the items you use most frequently, and skip out on the ones you might not use as much. So keep an eye on the page and I'll fill in some more details for you
[06/28/17]   Okay. I got some positive interest in the soap, so I've decided to go forward with the soap making project. So, what I need from you guys is a little input.
What sort of smells would you be interested in?
What size bar would you want?
Any ideas on what price you would be willing to pay for a handmade bar of soap?
[06/28/17]   Hey, question for you guys. Who would be interested in some homemade, Nashmade bars of soap? Let's have some fun, maybe I'll give one or two out gratis
[06/27/17]   I'm back
Live Bearded The perfect beard routine in just 90 seconds...

[04/13/17]   So it's been a little bit since i started selling my stuffs, so just out of curiosity how's the product working out for all you folks who bought some?
Another kit off to find its forever home
Live Bearded ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This is truly one of the best products I have used on my beard!" - Bradley G.

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[03/14/17]   It's time of year, guys. Spring is here yet again. So why don't you do yourself a favor and pick up a kit of Nash's beard care and keep your mane happy and health through whatever mother nature throws our way. And remember, each kit comes with a FREE tube of solid cologne and any referrals sent my way from you is gonna get you ten percent of the total sale
[03/13/17]   Okay folks. After seeing a post from one of our amazing clients yesterday, I felt the need to jump into action and post a few words regarding a few other beard care products on the market. Listen. We at Nashs just want you to be happy with your face. And while we would be eternally grateful if our product was was led you on the path to bearded bliss, we fully understand if another company is what gets you there. That being said, there's a few things to look for when you're shopping, and that's what I'd like to cover throughout the day. I wont spam you with a 9 page diatribe regarding what to do with your beard, but I'll be covering a few basics in a bit
Cat liked our beard wash so much he bought a big ole bottle of it
[03/01/17]   It's that time again, folks. Time for some shameless self promotion. Still have a kit or several available for purchase. Sales are a going like hot cakes. In that they ain't going, because nobody knows what a hot cake is. So in the same vein, would it be possible to help me out? You know. Pass the word around, help garner a little interest. We've all got a friend that's got a brillo pad for a beard. I want to help these people. Tell you what. For every purchase made from somebody you send to me, I'll give you...10% of the sale. This bonus is only for people who have already liked the page, though. So if you haven't done so, now's the time.
[02/27/17]   Hey ya, folks. Sorry for the bout of inactivity.
[02/22/17]   I want to take a brief second to apologize for the post on my actual page guys. I want you all to know that I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate every bit of the love and support you've shown me from the get go. My post was made because it's been a long week and i was feeling slightly frustrated. But i want to assure you all that I'm not giving up on you, on the page or on the products themselves. I'll continue putting out the best quality product i can, and i all i ask if you guys is you continue showing me the support you've given me until now. Thank you guys so much.
[02/21/17]   Okay guys. It's that time of year again. Income tax season. Now, typically that means some folks have got a little extra disposable income in their pockets. I know there's a plethora of things you need, things you want. I get it. But this year why not treat yourself to something a little different? A little present for yourself or the bearded gentlemen in your life? This year, why not try Nash's? For a little dough, you're gonna get a lot of top shelf, all natural grooming products. Interested? Give the page a like and drop me a line, shoot me an email, send me a smoke signal if you need too.
[02/20/17]   Messenger is back up. Not sure what happened there
[02/20/17] messenger for the page isn't working. If you've attempted to message the page and i haven't responded, im not informing you. Message my personal page, call or text my cell, or email me
[02/19/17]   We still have a couple if kits available, folks. Get em while their hot. Any questions or if you just wanna chat shoot me a message or gimme a call
[02/19/17]   Okay. Just an advisory to all my fantastically facially follicled friends on here. So, Nashs Beard Wash. Before you try it and think to yourselves "Man, it's broken. It doesn't lather like my regular shampoo. What gives, Nash? You big dumb idiot." I'm here to tell you Nashs Beard Wash DOES lather. But not like on the shelf shampoo. And there's a reason for that. On the shelf shampoo often contains harsh chemicals put in there specifically to make it lather. Nash don't play that. Nashs Beard Wash contains all natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals, nothing to ruin your hair.
First official package has been delivered! Order yours today!
Goodbye, little friend. I hope somebody gets a good bit of use outta you
Brott's Beard Care Good read
[02/13/17]   Hey guys, don't forget that for a limited time every order is gonna come with a free tube of solid cologne
[02/13/17]   First order has been processed, packaged and ready to ship. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and for sticking by me through this whole thing and for pushing me to get it done. I know it's cliche but it really would not have been possible without you guys, and I'm grateful to each and every one of you Hemingway.docx The Hemingway Beard Butter Microsoft Word Document Hemingway.docx The Hemingway Beard Butter Microsoft Word Document Hemingway.docx The Hemingway Beard Butter Microsoft Word Document Document.docx The Teasdale Beard Balm Microsoft Word Document Murakami.docx The Murakami Beard Wash Microsoft Word Document Rossetti.docx The Rossetti Beard Oil Microsoft Word Document

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