Green Space Therapeutic Massage & Wellness

8321 White Settlement Rd, White Settlement, TX, 76108

Green Space Therapeutic Massage & Wellness

8321 White Settlement Rd

White Settlement, TX, 76108

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[02/19/17]   Oh my goodness I just realized my new phone didn't down load a page manager app. So I have been unaware and not keeping up with my page. 😵
[01/07/16]   It is a new year and everyone is working on some new healthy resolution.
For the large number I've seen join up to any essential oil company please please expand your education outside of their pamphlets. Licensed Aromatherapist train for hundreds of hours.
[12/18/15]   I would like to thank WSISDs West Elementary and AISDs Stuard Elementary for such a wonderful week. Thank you both for having me out I always enjoy visiting and catching up with the teachers.
[08/19/15]   No one panic I'm just taking a few days off!
[07/22/15]   And yes it is about time we expanded but that probably won't happen until next year. So for those of you that are upset when you can't get into see us please be patient.
[05/29/15]   I am so excited!
I just ordered an Ionic foot bath for the office I will post the details this evening!! 😆
[05/05/15]   Thank you to the wonderful staff at West Elementary for having us out to do chair massages for teacher appreciation week! We really love it!
[12/24/14]   MERRY CHRISTMAS! And thank you to all my clients for a wonderful year!!
[12/20/14]   Hope everyone has a Marry Christmas!
I will be out of the office until the 5th.
[12/07/14]   I just received a great massage from my friend Devon! If anyone is interested let me know she'll be picking up a few hours at my place each week! 😁 and y'all know how picky I am!
[07/24/13]   Just want everyone to know Shane Ethridge, my husband, started the Advocare program 2 1/2 months ago and is down 2 pant sizes
[07/20/13]   Hey everybody the office will be open Monday morning if you need an appointment or some Advocare supplies just let me know
[07/11/13]   Green Space will be closed next week for my own good ;-) I will be busy busy starting the 22nd so make sure you call and get your appointments booked or Advocare ordered
[07/03/13]   We just started a 24day challenge July 1st, there will be another group starting August 1st let me know if your ready for your challenge! Or just need a little Spark! MSG me with any questions ADVOCARE of if there any supplies you need AdvoCare Becomes Title Sponsor of Texas Kickoff « ESPN MediaZone AdvoCare is Title Sponsor of Texas Kickoff!
Read about it here: — with Janet Torr Jayne. Posted by Rachel Margolis on June 27, 2013AdvoCare Becomes Title Sponsor of Texas KickoffPRINT VERSIONFILED IN: Ad Sales, College FootballTAGGED:Texas KickoffSHARE:TweetFour-Year Deal Begins in 2013ESPN Regional Television (ERT), a subsidiary of ESPN, and AdvoCare International, LP, announced a four...

Green Space Therapeutic Massage & Wellness

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