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[03/12/15]   Who wants a free products???
[09/11/14]   SUCH EXCITING NEWS!!! Nerium has EXTENDED the summer special until October 31st!! This is the all 3 products for $150 or 2 firms for $120! Felechia and I will be in Lumberton at Norvosky's tonight at 6:30. Stop by and see what all of the hype is about and get a free sample!
YEP_Freedom_V2 This company has any and every tool you would need to succeed! Being a "Yepper" myself, I have found so much more confidence in myself and this company by listening and seeing all of the young and successful people in our Nerium Company. Believe it, See it, Achieve it. Now Communications video - YEP_Freedom_V2
Hello my Beautiful facebook friends and family, just a small reminder that BOTH SUMMER COMBOS end tomorrow night! The 2 firm combo and the 3pack combo. Dont miss out on being locked into these prices! Also, message me if you are interested in receiving your Day/Night combo for free! Real Science, Real Results :: Nerium International I am really loving all of these FREE bottles of night cream! In the last 2 weeks I have recieved 5 bottles!!! Let me get you started on receiving FREE inventory! Have I mentioned I get to go to Long Beach California in October because of Nerium? Call, text, or message me if you want to go too! Nerium
I can not begin to tell you all how these amazing products have changed my life. I feel better about myself, my skin and my financial stability in my home. Let me help you change your life, the way Nerium helped me change mine!
[08/05/14]   Hello my BEAUTIFUL Nerium friends and family, we are having a Nerium Party this Thurday, 6pm in Hardin at Los Compadres. I would love to see as many faces as I can. For the first time I will be telling my own Nerium success story with yall! And, as ALWAYS, we will have a drawing for a free bottle of your choice!
This is a very personal post for me. This is my PawPaw's arm. His entire life he has worked outside and has always had skin cancer or skin spots on his arms, head and face. This is his arm after just 3 weeks of the Nerium AD Day/Night combo. His arms are noticeably smoother, his wrinkles are decreasing but most importantly, his sun spots not longer cracking and leak fluids!! This is what it is all about for me!! Helping my friends and family live a better, more healthy and confident life💖
[07/28/14]   We are having a party tomorrow night in Hardin at Los Compadres! So come on out and see all of our amazing team members and enjoy some awesome food! REMEMBER- you are not obligated to anything, just come on out for a good time 😘
[07/11/14]   Don't forget! We are having a Nerium party at Rayna Day's house tonight. If you attend, you will have your name put in a drawing for a FREE bottle of FIRM! Call or text me for directions, there will be plenty of snacks and drink too :)
[07/09/14]   My Mom and I are hosting a Nerium product and opportunity party Friday night at 7pm at her house in Dever. All are welcomed and bring a friend as well! We would love to see, chat and have fun with everyone :)
[07/07/14]   Hello my Nerium friends! I just wanted to give a small update on my Nerium journey.
It has been 5 days of using the Firm and my arms, legs and stomach are UNBELIEVABLY soft. No more dry or cracked elbows, my stretch marks on my stomach are becoming softer and the jiggle in my arms are not jiggling so much! I have been using the Day&Night cream for 3 days and I can already tell a difference in the size of my pores. I am beyond surprised at my results already. I am in love with all 3 products and will be using them for the rest of my life!
More Nerium success pictures. What are you waiting on?! Text, message or call and let me share these AMAZING products with you!
[07/03/14]   My goal is to have 3 Nerium parties in 2 weeks! So far I have 1 for next Friday at my moms house in Dever, who would like to host my next 2? Let me share our amazing products and show you in person some ladies with TRUE results!
Unwanted scars from surgeries, c-sections or accidents?? The Night Cream is great for them!
Hey everybody! I am so excited to share with you this AMAZING product, Nerium! Here are just a few pictures of how awesome our Product is!
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