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Lash Barn
These came out AMAZING! Schedule to get these volume lashes in your life! #lashbarn #lashextensions #volume
Come see me for lash extensions y’all! I won’t disappoint 🥰
I’m booking clients all next week for $75 for a set! Get in now!
Tomorrow I’m back open for booking and will have a Cyber Monday Sale... STAY TUNED!
I love my clients!!!! She is the sweetest!
Lash Barn will be closed Nov 27th-Dec 1st so if you need to schedule your fill/full set please do so as I will start to fill up this week. I already have people scheduled and it will be first come first serve. Call or text: 469-569-3720 to schedule!
Y’all these are everything!!!! Volume to the MAX 💥💥💥💥
New clients be like... 💁🏻‍♀️✨✨✨ get in before Oct 9th!!!
Only a few spots left! I don’t do specials often!
I’ll be doing another sale so if you want volume lashes let me know I’ll get you on my schedule! Limited appointment slots! 469-569-3720
[09/12/19]   Who wants a natural set of Volume lashes today for cheap?!?! I don’t normally do sales anymore but need a client tonight!!!
I love new clients! ♥️♥️♥️
These volume lashes are something else 😳😳😳 I mean 💁🏻‍♀️
I did ✌🏼 new volume sets yesterday and they are on point! 👌🏼 This is 4D volume set.
Y’all I can’t with how full these came out!!!! 5𝓓 𝓿𝓸𝓵𝓾𝓶𝓮 𝓵𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓮𝓼 •Lash Barn
Y’all I’m so proud of this set! VOLUME LASHES 💥💣 thank you Elizabeth Gabriele for this shout out! I love you long time!!! 😘 I’m so glad you are happy with them!
New client text! ♥️♥️♥️
Made my day!
Lash Barn Support fundraising for Vanessa Strubelt I will be doing a drawing for whoever helps me reach my goal by donating. If you don’t know I work full time in a NICU 👶🏻 and I have a goal to reach! Anything will help even if it’s a dollar. Anyone who donates will be entered to win a VOLUME SET OF LASHES! Right now, babies need all the help they can get. Premature birth affects about 380,000 babies here in the United States. I’m walking in March for Babies to get the message out about this terrible problem and you can help. Please make a secure donation to help me reach my goal. Together we can hel...
What an amazing transformation! I can’t believe I did this work?!?! 😳 I’m so proud of it! #lashartist #lashextensions #LashBarn #transformation
I can’t with these lashes y’all! I get better and better each time 🤗 #volume #lashextensions #certified #getyousome
Y’all I haven’t posted any of my volume lash work but here it is. Not perfect but I’m super proud of my work! As I keep working on my wonderful patient clients it will only get better!
It won’t cost you a dime! #lashbarn #lashextensions #volumelashes #volumecertified #lashartist #lashmaster
I know she’s got haters but it ain’t her fault but Look what god gave her... THIS GIRL IS VOLUME LASH CERTIFIED 💁🏻‍♀️ #blessed #volumelashes #certified #lookwhatgodgaveher
Just some lash education for people who have messaged me and had questions about the difference between classic lashes and volume. #lashartist #volume #lashbarn #lashextensions #bossbabe
Y’all the day is finally here! I will officially be certified in volume lashing this THURSDAY!!! If you have seen my lashes and love them... well I was blessed to have the lady who does mine, train me!!! I’m so excited! When I started this journey I had no intention on doing this more than a few years, but I have built my clientele and they don’t want me to quit. Thank you to all my clients for pushing me and being so patient with me as I get certified. #buildingmyempire #bossbabe #lashartist #mrsindependent #lashesextensions #volume #volumecertified
I am back! Got stuck in Colorado from a snow storm but I’ll be reaching out to all my clients!
I will be out till 1/22/19 if you send me a PM I’ll get back to you when I am back in town.
Y’all my first client with volume lashing! I’m beyond excited how full these are!!! I have already sold out of these this week and have to put in for another order 😳 thank you to all my clients for being so patient as I get these in! #lashgoals #LashBarn #lashextensions #6dlashes #lashartist
The winner to free set of volume lash set is Deidra Gail Osborne! So glad this is my winner... well deserved!!!!
Just want to know how many of my lash beauties actually read my post... I’ll be giving away a FREE VOLUME SET in honor of me starting volume lashing this week all you have to do is share, like this post, like my FB page and instagram. (MUST DO ALL 4 to be entered to win)
Instagram: lashbarnvs
FB: Lash Barn
Lash Barn
Volume lashing starts this week at Lash Barn yall!!! I’m so excited to start doing this for my clients!!!! #volumelashes #6D #lashartist #newyear #lashextensions

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