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[12/18/17]   This week I have permanently closed the shop in Tehuacana. I can't believe it myself. We gave it a good run tho, early 2009 to now. They say if you have a business that's open for more than 5 years you can consider yourself successful. so thank you clients! The NEW LOCATION is SASSY SISTERS, where I will have a new room. Now in Mexia, it will be a tad bit of a different drive but probably benefit most of you ;) you can reach me at the same number of course 254-299-7491. Or call Sassy Sisters during business hours to book your appt! 254-562-2222. see yall soon! XOXO
[09/20/17]   I WILL BE TAKING LATE APPTS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK! Lemme know or msg me! Thx! XO
[06/26/17]   I'm sorry if I haven't gotten back to you this wknd just yet, I've been nursing my baby's fever for the last 4 days :( I will definitely be at the salon tomorrow to start another fresh week! but I haven't been ignoring you guys on purpose! Xo
[05/29/17]   I'm looking for a heavily highlighted blonde that wouldn't mind going platinum and take a couple layers up.. I'm willing to do it for just the cost of the color.. it would be beautiful. Check out the last post. Xo msg if interested. πŸ’πŸ˜Ž
[05/29/17]   I'm all Bout some ash right now!! Xo
[05/26/17]   If anyone wants to know who they could trust w Botox and fillers and anything of the sort, there's a fabulous person in Waco ; very reasonable, very good at what she does .. Let me know if u would like her info . Very very pleased! :)
[05/16/17]   I have a 2pm Thursday for cut and color or just a cut and style !! Whether u have a date or a Man u need to impress, or like some of us, just wanna look good for u, make an appointment!! Add new color, new bangs, something different, even as simple as much shine!! Ask me and let's get u in!! ;)
[05/09/17]   Today starts a new week at the salon! πŸ’ I have a couple spots available still this week, lemme know if you want in! ;)
[04/29/17]   Unlikes? Really ? Could u let me
Know why? I love constructive criticism but if it's bc you're a chick w lice that walked into my salon and I had to sanitize the entirety of it in two days, or the lady I told I could never make her happy, then I'm sorry.. But whoever 'un liked' my page, please, let me know how I can improve it! Xoxo
lovethishair.co 10 Stylish Short Hair Cuts for Thick Hair: Women Short Hairstyle - Love this Hair http://www.lovethishair.co/10-stylish-short-hair-cuts-for-thick-hair-women-short-hairstyle/

GREAT SHORT CUTS FOR THICK HAIR! :)) β€οΈπŸ’ lovethishair.co Thick hair is incredibly versatile, looking equally stunning when with long and short hair too. Indeed, thick hair lends itself to a variety of incredible hairstyles, including bobs and longer length looks. Our favourite way to style thick hair is… Continue Reading β†’
[04/25/17]   5/2 ( may 2nd ) is free treatment day!!! If you already have an appointment that day, then congratulations!! I have room for one more cut and color at 11 or a cut @ noon that day.. And you alone w the others will receive a personalizd treatment for your type of hair, compliments of your hairstylist ;)) love you guys!! β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’‹πŸ’
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Brow stamps! The Pros and Cons :) Testing out an eyebrow stamp from i-Envy Kiss! Is the brow stamp easy to use? What does this brow stamp make your eyebrows look like after application? Is th...
[04/22/17]   running a little special for my special clients.. 10$ off the next hair service when you send another client my way! ;) just let new client know to let ME know who sent them! ;) love you guys!!
pinterest.com 14 Hacks That Prove You Can Use Coconut Oil for Literally EVERYTHING http://pin.it/IkGzDH-

Great read. I use this stuff for literally everything ; from face wash, to hair mask πŸ’ pinterest.com Teen.com
[04/17/17]   Ok guys! I have an opening tomorrow, for a cut/color in the morning the 18th @ either 10am(color/cut) or 11(just cut), if I find one more person for the books, everyone that has a full cut and or color will receive free treatments! including you! Msg me, or text @ 254-299-7491. ❀️

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