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Happy Friday...Let’s get Tan!

Let me know if you need a professional quality self tanner, I have a few in stock right now! Rinse off in 4hrs 🙌🏻 $35
Who needs a tan for the weekend 🙋🏼‍♀️?
Rub-a-dub-dub...get ALL the soap OFF in the 🛁 !
Who needs a spray tan for Sunray FUNDAY this weekend? 🙋🏼‍♀️
If anyone needs a tan for the 4th, lol? Y’all have a safe and FUN holiday weekend. See ya Monday...:
AWESOME DRUGSTORE SUNSCREENS (FACE & BODY)| DR DRAY It’s that time of year...don’t forget to apply sunscreen (yes, even if you have a tan/spray tan!) In this video, there are several different options to choose from! https://youtu.be/JZBIAwqxeHQ TODAY I SHARE SOME GREAT DRUGSTORE SUNSCREENS FOR THE FACE & BODY (MINIMAL WHITE CAST). THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED. LINKS CONTAIN AFFILIATES Coppertone Pure...
For all my pink/red undertone clients, light to medium skin tone...I’m testing out a NEW “rapid” (shower off faster than the traditional spray tan 8-10hrs) brown solution. 4hrs is the MAX, rinse off time. It will take 24hrs for the tan to fully develop. As always, my first shower will be a quick-lukewarm rinse and I will not apply lotion, until after my NEXT shower. ill post updated pics in the comments below.

post spray, before rinse. No DHA smell, dries quick, not overbearing with bronzers 👍
Dumas Prom April 27th
Sunray Prom May 4th
Check your skin! May is Melanoma Awareness month. Over 80,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in Canada each year, more than 7,200 of which are melanomas, the most deadly form of skin cancer. Skin cancer is not only the most common type of cancer, but is the most preventable. I found myself in the early stages of skin cancer, over 10 years ago. I had spent my whole life trying to get that perfect tan, the expected souvenir from a sunny destination only to end up years later with a deadly disease that almost killed me. I had a beauty mark on my back that I couldn’t see but apparently was giving me warning signs by it’s frequent changes. It wasn’t until one day when I had just stepped out of the shower that it had opened up and started bleeding and I couldn’t get it to stop that I finally went to the doctor. I had a biopsy the next day and was referred to a specialist who was not convinced that it had not spread by my results. It took 2 months to confirm that it hadn’t spread and I would live past the 2 year time frame that they thought was all I had left. I was so fortunate that even though it was almost too late I listened to my body. I felt so ashamed that I caused my own worst problems! Early detection is key. Please take this picture of my scar as your reminder to stay sun safe this summer. Wear sunscreen, check your moles. Know the A,B,C,D & E’s of early detection. *information taken from www.cancer.ca/Canadian-cancerstatistics-2017 #melanomaawareness #melanoma #melanomasurvivor #staysunsafe #earlydetection #cancersucks
Book your appointment now for PROM...special $30

Call/text Dara at 806-420-1317
Nothing like some late night spray tanning...testing out some new solutions!
[10/15/17]   I am officially back, from maternity leave, and taking appointments. All spray tan sessions will be held at my home, in one of our shops, out back.

1003 Ave R

Call/text/message me for your spray tan!!! Family pictures, Halloween, date nights are all coming up!

Spray tans $40
First time clients, take $5 OFF

[04/18/17]   Starting now....I'm officially on maternity leave until mid August. I do have a fantastic lady filling in for me, Kyla Purl, out of Sunray. Please message or call her at 806-670-7093 to make your spray tan appointment. (Cash or check only during this time.)

Location: 1003 Ave R - Sunray

Thanks for your business!

Dara Morton, Owner and Spray Tan Technician
Half off spray Tans!!!!! $20😁

Today Only at Fun Family Fitness.

Call or text Dara 806-420-1317
[03/15/17]   Half off spray Tans tomorrow! 🙌 Message me for more info, limited appointments available!

Location: Fun Family Fitness
$20 sample spray tans at Fun Family Fitness. Thursday March 16th.

-Must provide 3 pictures (1 before and 2 after)
-Fill out form/questionnaire

Limited Openings Available (by appointment only)

5:00pm (filled)
www.solaire.com.au Choosing the right spray tan base, for your skin type. solaire.com.au
Testing Another Self Tanner this week!
Applied easily, dried fast, little to no Self Tanner smell, with a violet base. It's day 6 and the color is still there 🙌 it's worn off some on my hands, from excessive hand washing.

What do y'all think? (Day 2 pic was taken at night so the lighting is different)
TRY IT TUESDAY (Feb 21) @ The Tee Zone $20 spray tans! I have new samples to test for this season 🙌

-test a new solution for half the cost of an original spray tan! Payment must be made when booking appointment. (Client must provide feedback/pictures within 10 days of appointment or you will be charged an additional $20, regular price of spray tan. $40 total)

Follow Pre & Post Tanning Instructions:

1. Exfoliate/shave/wax 24 hours before appointment
2. Do not wear deodorant/lotion/perfume to appointment
3. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing, flip flops, and hair pulled up, for the appointment

1. Avoid water & sweating for 8 hours
2. Avoid silk and leather fabrics. Protect your seating area/bedding
3. After rinse/shower pat dry. Do not rub
4. Moisturize twice a day

Contact (pm or text) me if you'd like to book a session. Only 5 slots available, by appointment only.

4:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm (filled)
5:30 pm (filled)
6:00 pm

Dara Shook Morton
What do you think? One of the new sample "foam self tanners". #ShadyTan.

Foam was easy to apply. Blended and dried fast. Tan lasted about 7-8 days. Faded naturally/even. 👍
[01/28/17]   Getting some new tanning solution samples sent to me this week!!!!! So excited for this tanning season! Also testing some new foam self tanner. Foam is easy to apply, blend, and the clean up is a cinch!

Have you tried any self tanners lately? What are some of your favorites?

Do u prefer lotion or foam self tanners?
Tans on Demand's cover photo
One of my top rated favorite self tanners! U can purchase it on Amazon...don't forget to buy a tanning mitt too!
I have 4 evening appointments available, for this Friday. Any Sunray PROM girls need a tan for the big day? Call or text me (dara), 806-420-1317

For pre & post tan requirements go to www.tansondemand.org
Getting INK'd! Testing out a new tanning solution that has squid ink in it....😳 it's also a rapid solution, one coat, dries fast. Shower off in 1-3 hours. I'll post an updated pic with reviews this weekend! If it's a keeper, it will take me two weeks to get it here...just in time for the Sunray PROM!

Special for this month...$30 spray tans!
Call NOW and book your $30 spray tan for PROM. By Appointment ONLY. Location: Fun Family Fitness, women's locker room
Dara 806-420-1317
www.senegence.com SeneGence - The Official Site of SeneGence International, Inc. Looking for a great new lip color to go with ur fresh NEW spray tan? LipSense is you answer. It's smudge proof, kiss proof, water proof, and is SUPER long lasting. I can wear my LipSense all day without having to reapply the color.

Perfect for special events, LIKE PROM!

Interest? Shop here and have the product shipped directly to you.
-Click Customer Buy Now (top right)
-enter my distributor id# 176663, GO

Start shopping!!! (see pics below for a visual on each color. all lipsenses can be combined/layered to create a customer color of your own. top off your look with any lipsense gloss. www.senegence.com Products that Really Work and a Career Opportunity that Really Works! Recession-Proof Business, Consumable and Highly Desirable Products.
2016 Prom Special - $30
Call to make your appointment 806-420-1317
pinterest.com Spray Tans For all my clients that use self tanners...if u don't wear gloves, here is a great tip for cleaning your hands afterwords. pinterest.com Secret to cleaning self tanner off of your hands! SO SIMPLE!
[06/17/15]   FYI, Tans On Demand will be on vacation June 26th - July 5th. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but thank you in advance for understanding 😉
Great tip for fixing ur moist/sweating problems after receiving a spray tan.

Appointments are filling up fast! Call or text to get your spray tan for graduation!

Dara 806-420-1317
Don't have time for a spray tan? Enjoy a top favorite SunLabs self tanner! Both retail items require you to leave on the skin for 8 hours before showering.

Now available at Tans On Demand. Call or Text Dara at 806-420-1317

Foam (fast dry) requires a mitt for application, lotion does not. Results in a medium self tan.

The lotion is great way to amplify any existing spray tan...used as gradual tanner (mix 1:1 ratio with ur favorite moisturizer) in between spray tans or use alone for a medium to dark self tan result.
Tans on Demand Tans on Demand will be having a prom SPECIAL $30.00 for tans this week.

Call or text Anita
[04/26/15]   Tans on Demand will be having a prom SPECIAL $30.00 for tans this week.

Call or text Anita

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