Anne-Marie Medical Massage: Advanced Body Care

34, Shenandoah, TX, 77384

Anne-Marie Medical Massage: Advanced Body Care


Shenandoah, TX, 77384

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Lack of movement in one area negatively affects function in adjoining tissues, and how the neuromyoskeletal system distributes abnormal tensions via kinetic chains
[05/22/19]   Come see me! 832 628 22 55

Recently people have come in to see me with the same aches and pains. Stand tall!
Just back from another blessed time with LMT success group where I was among the finest teachers and learners. Besides assisting in the medical massage class I took the Cranial Sacral Intro class and was again reminded on the importance of stabilizing oneself. This morning I was reminded where that grounding comes from! True love was born in a stable

[10/17/18]   For those dealing with knee pain: I have been studying and reading up how best to help you. Please come see me. I can teach you the best exercises for knee pain

Thank you Joyce for designing this card! You are so creative and fun!!! I am SO blessed with my sister-in-law!!! Wish we lived closer!😃
What do you look like today? Let me help you help yourself! Write a Review Hi Friends. Please help me by sharing your review and 5 star my yelp page.

Restore Your Bad Neck Curve With a Simple Towel - Dr. Alan Mandell, D.C. Poor head posture leads to many different ailments in the body including degenerative discs, herniated and bulging discs, arthritis, TMJ, visual problems, ti...

[09/02/18]   Today... check your you feel that your pelvis is holding you up evenly? Are you tilted forward? leaning on one leg? Find the center of gravity! To achieve this: open your chest, put your shoulders back and down, slide your head back on top of your shoulders and keep your eyes level.
It's a great day to give thanks to the Almighty God who is very much alive!

Back to school! Don't hurt your back! Come see me.

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Anne-Marie Medical Massage: Advanced Body Care

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