ACE - Appetite Control & Energy Southeast Texas

900 S Main St, Ste 901, Lumberton, TX, 77657

ACE - Appetite Control & Energy Southeast Texas

900 S Main St, Ste 901

Lumberton, TX, 77657

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Start off with a cleanse, or go Xtreme with our new formula! It's great for pre-workout too! Everything in stock! Also with any purchase of 15 Xtreme and 15 ACE trials ($60) get a ToppFast packet, Derma Bar or Night Bliss FREE!
Prices so low I can't advertise! Comment or message me to have invoices sent!
Special for the remainder of NOVEMBER for anyone interested! Get your resolution started early! Kick hunger and them extra pounds to the curb!

Put this into perspective. MUCH cheaper than ANYTHING else on the market. This is every ingredient in ACE!
ACE - Appetite Control & Energy Southeast Texas Yummmmmo! Ceviche, And it's healthy! Share! Share! Share!
Yummmmmo! Ceviche, And it's healthy! Share! Share! Share!
Don't Overeat this holiday season. Let ACE help! You can still enjoy all that food and not eat as much, because simply ACE helps curb those cravings.
This is every ingredient in ACE!
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This weather has me not out and about, and not being able to deliver ACE! But with a 60 Count Bottle Purchase today receive a free trial of AM300 and a free gift from me! Leave email for invoice to be sent, or call me! Previous arranged deliveries will be this afternoon or first thing tomorrow! Happy Halloween!
Transitioning to new ACE. FAQ? :)
Food for thought
[10/28/13]   After trying to get back organizws from this weekend! BUT im ORDERING NEW bottles today, so if you want one let me know... Half have been spoken for!
Mention this post and get a free bracelet with any purchase of ACE at Kountze Trade Days!!!
[10/25/13]   Dont forget Kountze Trade Days Starts tomorrow! Special Sales will be going on all weekend. Stop by and check it out. A free JEWELRY gift will be given to anyone purchasing ACE!
I shared this on my personal page Sunday. Now sharing with yall!
Cinnamon Apples:
I did them in a medium pot, with about a teaspoon of olive oil butter, and sprinkled cinnamon to cover the top lightly on about low/medium for 15 minutes. Putting the lid on the pot helps keep them moist and makes a little juice.
[10/22/13]   ACE Southeast Texas will be at the Kountze Trade Days this weekend! I will have lots of other miscellaneous items out there as well. Stop by and check out my booth!
I cannot begin to explain how ACE, and SABA has changed my life. Financially and health wise. I want to get the word out about our fabulous company more and more! So I'm offering for the remainder of the month a FREE BOTTLE OF ACE for joining my team. FREE! What are you waiting for? Join the movement with me!
With all this cool weather, I thought if share this with y'all.. :)
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The new and even BETTER formula is in! It's going fast so reserve yours today!
Hey, hey, hey! You still have time to drop 10 pounds if ya put your mind to it! Contact me today 409.658.1023!
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To all of my ladies, have a fabulous Sunday!
They are in!
Amazing stuff! Best thing for calming your nerves. Just a few drops and let that stress melt away!
New Night Bliss is on its way to me! So many have been wanting samples! This easy to use spray has a berry like taste, and with a few sprays helps you get a awesome nights rest!
Available inside Cloud 9 Hair Studio, and hopping available! Let's start a new you today!
AM300 back in stock! ACE bottles will be in Friday, HALF of that shipment already gone! Contact me to reserve yours today.
Hmm?? Best decision I ever made!
A customers 2 week follow up! How awesome is this?! Message me for this months special offer!
Want a FREE bottle of ACE?! Ask me how! ;)
[09/03/13]   Will be delivering product tonight at Walmart in Port Arthur on 365. Message or txt me for details! Trials & bottles ready to go!
I'm going out of town for the holiday weekend and also to an ACE/SABA Meet & Greet, then training to follow in Longview! I am delivering around Beaumont tomorrow so if you need product before I go out of town. Did I mention how I absolutely LOVE my job!
Alex says... "I am down a total of 23 pounds and tons of inches!!

For like the first time in like 7 years, I am wearing a size XS dress in my profile pic with the sunglasses!! When I started, my dresses were size Large or Medium!!! I feel like I can wear CUTE clothes because they actually fit the way they were intended to!

My weight was dropping off VERY fast at first, but as I continued to lose, it started to slow down. I know I am still losing inches because my clothes are still getting looser, but I forgot to take my dang measurements! (I could kick myself now!!)

My confidence level has also gone through the roof since losing that extra weight! I am so PROUD of my ACE journey!!"

ACE - Appetite Control & Energy Southeast Texas

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