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[09/14/20]   Who’s ready to rise up and rally for Bags of Love? The kids need us now more than ever.
#BringBagsofLoveBack 🖤
Foster Care and adoption
[03/20/20]   A message from a case worker 😢

I am a caseworker and one of the kids on my caseload got a bag from Bags of Love. The foster parents told me that, for a while after the little girl got in the home, she would pack her bag with some clothes and a couple of personal items before she went to bed. After a few times noticing this, the foster parents asked her why she packed a bag. The little girl told them that it was in case she was moved in the middle of the night, she would be ready and not leave with nothing. The foster parents finally convinced her that she did not have to pack a bag every night, but hearing this story tore at my heart. Just one little child somehow trying to prepare for the trauma that she may face and has faced before. What a weight to have to carry around, but that little bag gave her some sense of peace and preparation. There is no price tag that can be put on that. I have seen it time and time again, those little bags mean the world to those kids and I encourage folks to support this ministry!

This story always gets me. I may be tough but these kids bring me to my knees. ❤️ Mama Carmen If you’ve never heard of Mama Carmen, this story is worth reading ❤️
#PassionwithoutApology The woman pictured above is a beautiful example of what service to God could be. Her name is Mama Carmen, and she and her family run an ...
Foster Care & Adoption 😢😣 Every year, roughly 20 percent of the young adults who age out of foster care in America — more than 4,000 — immediately become homeless, studies show.

And thousands more — rising to as much as 40 percent in some parts of the country — are homeless within four years of aging out.

“People don’t realize there are homeless former foster kids,” says Jason Chenoweth, CEO of Outreach Indiana, a nonprofit that helps homeless youth in Indianapolis. “They just don’t think it happens. You just don’t see them. They don’t stand out. If you don’t know them, they’re just another person on the street.

“They haven’t just fallen out the bottom of foster care, they’ve fallen out the bottom of everything.”

Read more here:
Barren to Blessed Please read. Guest post tonight! Please take a moment to read.

"I laid awake for hours thinking about how I could’ve better handled the removal. If I had said enough encouraging words…if I fed them enough…what my next encounter with them would look like. If I felt all of this…. what were they feeling? This is a caseworker’s view of removals.

I drove to work the following day; into the parking lot so slow you would’ve thought it was ice-covered. I hesitated to turn my car off. I sat there in the parking lot and cried. I didn’t want to go in. I didn’t want to be a “monster” as those youth had put it. I didn’t want to participate anymore. It was very clear that I had secondary trauma from that removal. Some would give us accolades for removing those youth from a neglectful and abusing home life, but I have some questions to pose.

What could we as a society do to prevent removals from happening?"

#fostercare #trauma
[02/19/20]   🔊 Stuffing Bags 🔊
When: February 29, 2020
Where: 369 Caspers Cove Rd
Time: 3pm

🔺Spread the word🔺
Donations welcomed
In need of:

🔻All Travel Size🔻
Ages: NEWBORN-18 yrs
Travel blanket
Baby- shampoo, soap, tooth brush, lotion, baby oil, powder

Everything can be dropped off at The UPS Store Lufkin or brought the day of
Foster Care & Adoption ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ There wasn’t a dry eye inside an Adams County courtroom after a 3rd grade girl found her forever family. Aerith was surrounded by dozens of her Louisville Elementary School classmates for the proceedings.

Bags of Love

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