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AMEN Amen πŸ™πŸ™
Hey followers!!!

I'm doing an inventory sale.
I have so much that I won't be able to use and want to sale it to you all at a discounted price!!

Some even up to 50%off!!! πŸ€—πŸ€—

Everything in my box is NEW.
I will be uploading individual pictures of products in the comment section of this post.

PayPal payment only at this time.
There will be a $1.50 fee applied

Some of you are local, if so I can meet up with you if you would like to do that instead of having it shipped.

Shipping will be a $3-5 fee and added to your total.
That is not taking into account for larger/heavier packing. Most of the time when I ship products out it is at least in a bubble wrapped envelop.

I provide itemized invoices.
An invoice will be emailed to you to review and if everything looks good you will simply click the pay option. It will then let me know you have paid your invoice. I will already have your items ready to be shipped out. A copy of the invoice will be printed and placed in your package.
Once I ship your products I will send you a picture of the tracking number.

These products are a "not return option"
On hand product returns are complicated and can be pricey, therefore I do NOT do returns on products that are on hand. Just when ordering from my website. Im just being honest with you all.
I am aware of the condition of all products when sent out. Why I also provide good packaging so the items do not end up broken or destroyed.

I try my best to save my customers money not only from my business online (my younique business) but also from my on hand products as well. If you would like to make an offer on a product feel free to just ask. I'm open to reasonable offers!!!

I do ask if you're truly wanting to buy something please pay when invoices are recieved.
If there is ANY slight chance you aren't going to buy anything, please dont act like your going to just to not buy anything. Please do not have me spending hours gathering prices, answering questions and building an invoice for you, for you to not actually buy anything or you werent planning on it in the first place.
Im sure there will be plenty of other customers that would be more then happy to purchase the product right then.
With that being said I do NOT hold items!!!!

I will be giving out 10% discounts on your next purchase with me when your purchase from this sale.
Products overload. 😍 this is from just this month from boxycharm and singleswag.
See something you want, I'm making deals today!!! BOXYCHARM: The Best Monthly Beauty and Makeup Box Subscription I absoulty love getting my box every month. You get well worth $100+ in products for just $21/month.
I upgraded my box for an additional $28/3months and get over $300 in products. So every 3 months I get a larger box, a variety of items not just cosmetics.
It's like a present t to myself every month. They will do sneak peeks but I dont look because I like for it to be a surprise.
Use my link below to get started.😘 The only beauty box subscription with four to five full-size products for only $21 per month with a retail value over $100 & free shipping.
Two Kits to chose from 😍 (🀫 I want the premium)
Same great opportunity
-no fees, never!!!
-free website
-earn FREE products (I'll even help you earn it)
-NO, absoulty NO obligation to sale a single thing.
-at the LEAST 20% discount to start.

Did you know you can go to my website, click join, fill out personal info (10mins maybe, not hard and not long), submit your info, pay for the kit of your choice, receive your confirmation annnnnnnd .........NEVER do a single thing ever again (if that's what you really want to do πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ)

It is just like ordering anything else online!!!

The decision is YOURS, not ours!
If you dont want to sell then dont. No biggie. I promise it wont hurt my feelings. I will be so excited just for helping you save so much money just from buying the kit!!

Why not get a discount on the products you buy?

You dont have to sell AND get to keep your discount!!!!

You ONLY have to have $125 in sales in a 3 month period ONLY IF you want to keep your discount!!!

You know what else.....that $125 purchase can be your very OWN purchases, you know the one where you get a discount for ordering through yourself!!!!

Like I said you DONT have to sell a single thing to anyone!
You DONT have to even do the $125/3months in sales. Really, you can pay for it and walk away! πŸ˜‰
When your checking your inventory on all the giveaway products for your customers and team members, you realize just how much of a cosmetic overload you may or may not have!!! 🀣🀣😍😍
But but but ......its just so much fun.
This is just my "treasure box" for my customers and team members!!! Slowly but surely building it up for you all.
If you could only imagine how much my personal inventory looks like πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€£πŸ˜
Yes πŸ™Œ
Yes it can sometimes be more expensive at times but some of us that enjoy what we do and appreciate our customers we want to give you the best deal, help you save money to even rewarding/spoiling our returning customers with gifts!
It's taken me a little while to build up what I have on hand. So now we have some great gifts
Just like the treasure box in school that you got to pick your gift, I have recreated that but with cosmetics. Some are more then others and depending on your purchase determines which box you get to choose from. Yes you heard that, more than one treasure box!!!!
Beside giving away cosmetics I love doing the math on how much I can save you.

Dont forget about us who do enjoy what we do and care.
Beauty Wow πŸ‘Œ Someone needs to teach me to do my eyebrows like this πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

by Omabelle Image & Style
Even if you can't purchase anything, sharing this post will help so much. Sharing is how you can help raise awareness!!!

100% of the proceeds earned for this months Kudos goes to the Defend Innocence Organization. 😍

This awareness peronally means ALOT to me. Which is also why it brings me so close to working with Younique and their mission.

The August customer Kudos is designed specifically different this month. This month the goal is to raise awareness to sexual abuse in children. The organization comes together to empower parents and caregivers to protect children from sexual abuse.
Even the names of the products in this collection is geared towards the organization and their purpose!!😍

Please help me this month raise awareness with 100% of the proceeds going to this organization. I would appreciate every single purchase made towards this organization!

You can use my special link to purchase this special edition Kudos using the following link.

You can also visit the website directly to learn more about defending innocence at

#defendinnocence #nomore1in4 #TYF #helpsupportthecause #countrylivinbeauty
Who doesn’t love FREE? Beginning August 20, 2018 at 6 a.m. PDT you can get free shipping on our top-selling MOODSTRUCK EPICβ„’ mascara and free product samples with the YOUNIQUE PRESTIGE subscription. This new service allows you to receive regular shipments of select Younique productsβ€”beginning with MOODSTRUCK EPICβ„’ mascaraβ€”at a frequency of your choice. Each order will receive free samples AND free standard shipping. The subscription is available to both Younique Presenters and customers.

*More details to follow
🚨Worth the read 🚨
Share this post
4 women (or more) who would like my Top Secrete Gifts🎁🎁!!
-Purchase $125 in products of your choice from my special link posted in comments.

πŸ”–πŸ·οΈHere are some quick savings starter ideas for you!
*Collections tab: is major savings and is one stop shopping, fast order placing. Collections that are over $100 include FREE shipping and FREE purse/bag.
* Steals and deals tab: 50% OFF lip products. These products will be discontinued soon. So act fast!!
* Kudos tab- July kudos ran over into August, only happens once a year at convention time. 25% off savings. Includes our EPIC mascara ( naturally lengthens and curls your lashes) This is TIME SENSITIVE!

By doing so (placing a$125 order)you AUTOMATICALLY get:
1.) πŸ’ΈFREE shipping
2.) πŸ’„FREE Splash liquid lipstick in the shade "Softhearted" which is a nude pink. This lipstick is TIME SENSITIVE.⏰

Comment below "SURPRISE PLEASE" once you have completed your order.

Your EXCLUSIVE gift from me:
1.) FREE gift 🎁
2.) FREE entry into the exclusive members only drawing. 🎟️
3.) Gift cardπŸ’³

🀐I can't give away all the details otherwise it wouldn't be a SURPRISE!

Your SURPRISE Top Secret Gift will be in boxed to you!

🎁ANY type of order is much appreciated and for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.
I will do gifts to those orders as well.
Those of you to place a order that is not specified above will get to pick their gift from my treasure boxes.
There are 2 boxes;
Box A: one item
Box B: two items

#2 drawing: Just for sharing this post, you will be entered in a separate drawing for a FREE gift.
MUST share this post publicly and comment "shared" -I will let you know if it's not shared publicly.
Please share with your friends!!!!!

*note: I have multiple opportunities in this post to receive something.
-Exclusive top secret gifts are for orders of $125 ONLY!
To all my Y-Sisters going to convention in San Antonio.
I hope you all have a blast, please share your lives and photos. I am so sad I could not join yall. But will enjoy the sharing of your time there. Be safe traveling!
I've started a new system for giveaways!!

How many of you would like to pick what your gift is?

It made me think πŸ€” how many women (and men) get free gifts that they don't like or won't use?
It's kind of a waste right?

I now have treasure boxes!
Different values...I don't even remember what their values are lol
Different products to choose from.

From here on out when I do giveaways, you will get to pick what you want from the treasure box. (Also looking for a creative name for my boxes of giveaways)

To start this out, on fire!! πŸ”₯
Today only, every order placed will get to pick from the treasure box!!

As always you can message me to hear of our specials (which save you money) and other giveaways provided by younique.

Use this link to place your orders.
We have an amazing return policy!!
No need to worry about getting stuck with something you don't love!

Don't like the color? Return it
Don't like how it feels? Return it
Doesn't matter why, we will still take it back.

Your happiness is what matters when purchasing our products!! 😘
Time Sensitive!!!

Everything you need in one collection!!
Soon to be expiring, in just a few days!!
FREE shipping
FREE bag
FREE exclusive Splash Liguid lipstick in the shade "Softhearted" which is a nude pink ($27 value)

Message me to get a color match !!

Visit my link to get your exclusive savings

*don't forget if you don't love it you can return it, money back guarantee!
Let's break the kit down for you!
Love this chart 😍

Who's ready to take advantage of this deal?

We ONLY have the rest of today and tomorrow on this AMAZING discount

Again you have NO obligation to sell anything!!

Join Me πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
🚨2 days left🚨
It is the hardest thing to make some of these posts short and sweet. Especially when it is SO EXCITING to talk about. I always have the feeling to SHOUTπŸ—£οΈ it to the world!!
I WANT to share the AHHHHMAZING offer to literally everyone!!

You may have concerns prior to purchasing the Presenter Kit. I am here for EVERY single question you have!

1.) You DONT have to sell a single thing, EVER!
-you can create a account, purchase the kit for $99 (plus tax) and your story ends there! Really!! It's just like logging into your favorite online store & ordering some products, having it shipped to you! That's it.

2.) People get "ify" when it comes to purchasing this kit. The term "JOIN" scares alot of people away, resulting in a missed opportunity of LARGE savings!
-dont let that word fool you into thinking you HAVE to do something. BC you DONT!

3.) Rather you don't want to sell a thing or do want to give it a try. Thats your decision. This kit gives you the chance to try ALOT of our products without feeling obligated to stay with our company. Also yours to keep. You DONT have to return ANY of it!!

$99 for $300+ in FULL size products
FREE $20 in credit
FREE shipping
FREE LED mirror (able to redeem Aug 1st)
FREE samples- foundation, facial masks, perfume and blush samples.
FREE Purple Younique branded purse.

The $300+ value is for the FULL size products. The value does NOT include what value the samples, purse, shipping and mirror would be as they are FREE for YOU!

If interested I can even help you earn your $99 back!!!
message me for questions or help
[07/29/18]   .
Candenna Whitt my love, I have done the drawing for this giveaway late last night.
🎁Your the lucky winner🎁
Please message me so we can discuss your gift!

Thank you everyone for all the likes, follows, shares and particpations with this event😍😘😘

Please stay tuned for more chances to win and amazing deals on our products.

πŸ˜‰ You don't want to miss what's coming!

πŸ€—Invite your friends to "like/follow" my business page!!
It's FRIDAY night and it's almost time for our drawing!
( I know it's late sorry, that school shopping tho πŸ™„)

Going to wash my face (Royalty skin care line)
Go live
Do the drawing
Also play around with some colors!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Spiritual Inspiration
Photos from Ashly's post
The shade "Jenna" is now out of stock

"Hottie" lip plumpers are going fast!!!

ONLY available in this months Customer Kudos!!

Get your orders in now. They will NOT be available next month!

Please use the link in the comments to place your orders!
Giveaway chance ending tomorrow
Friday July 27th, 2018
Getting all you beautiful ladies names together that have participated in the giveaway.

There is still a chance to get your name in the drawing!!!

This post that I am sharing now is the post I am talking about!
Dated July 3, 2018
It is a post about the presenter kit!! It's a specific post.

Click on the post and it will take you to the original posting, you will then see everyone else's comments!!!
There are rules are listed in the comments. YOU MUST FOLLOW.
But Here are the rules again!

You MUST -
1.) Have liked and followed my business page.
2.) Share that exact post PUBLICLY
3.) Then comment "shared"

When sharing that post PUBLICLY
1.) It allows me to track everyone easily, so I don't leave anyone out. I want to be far to you all.
2.) I get I notification saying that you shared my post. If it's not public it will not let me know.
3.) When you comment "shared", I will then place your name in the drawing. There have been some that have shared and commented shared but did not do so publicly, unfortunately I can't tell If you really did share the post because your profile is set to private and I can not see it posted.
- when you hit the share button it will give you options to either "share" or "write post" you will need to hit the write post and next to your profile picture change your setting to "PUBLIC"

I can't break this down any easier for you all lol it's really simple to do!

-Do NOT share this post, you have to click the original post and share that one. Just as I did.
-Do NOT comment on this post that you shared, you must click the original post and comment there, along with everyone else. If you see that your the only person commenting then your in the wrong post!

If you have any questions feel free to email me

Good luck! 😘 😍😍Just look at that FREE LED mirror !!! 😍😍

*$99 & FREE shipping!
--recieve $300+ in full size products, Plus the FREE purple purse and FREE led mirror!!
*$20Ycash automatically when you sign up!
*20% discount (at the least)!!!

πŸ’ΈGet paid in 3 hours and monthly!!!
πŸ›‘during JULY and the U.S. ONLY!!
--- for the month of July get paid for signing new presenters up!!! 😍This has NEVER done before and Limited time only!!! Build your team up strong!!
πŸ’³Free Younique debit card(can slide anywhere) and account!!

Chance for $200+ shopping spree! Now UNLIMITED amount to earn!! Do you want it to be $1000 shopping spree??
🎁Lots of giveaways and FREE prizes! (I have personally received $1000+ in FREE products and gifts)
$25Ycash on your birthday ever year!

No commitment required!
No hidden fees....
No contract....
No monthly fees....
FREE website and Updated for you!
FREE training....
Car incentives....
Yearly trip incentives....

*Kitnapper- sign up soley for the discount and FREE products-NO pressure from anyone!
*Part time or Full time.
*However you want to do it. Just don't miss out on this chance right now.

Click the link, click join, follow the prompts. Then receive your kit in 5-7 business days!
- If you decide it's not your thing, no biggie!! You still get to keep everything and go on about your day! You just got $300+ in cosmetics for $99. Just like walking into any store and spending $100, except you just ordered it online, that simple! 😘


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