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Extreme Volume
Thanks ladies for sharing your hearts with me. I
Lashing is my passion Love lashing comfortably
Come comfortably aswell
Your beautiful either way dolls
No judgment here

Fluffier lashes last longer ;)
If you take care of them then thats a bonus for me :)
[01/01/21]   Happy New Years dolls!!!!
This beautiful set i did today :D she likes them short and full. 10,11,12 D curl

You need lashes doll
Schedule with me ;)
Prep for next client. I either use heat autoclave or cold sterile for 10 hrs for all your instrument ladies. Especially with the pandemic. I dont want anyone to feel unsafe coming for lashes. :)
[11/26/20]   Happy Thanksgiving beautifuls
My view. I am the fluff fairy if you let me be lol
Lashesssssssss are perfect My lashes look gorgeous on this doll. In i love her kitty hes so cute.
After a month off. I thought i forgot to lash. Guess not. ;)
[10/21/20]   Hiii beauties, missed yall my books are now open starting next week.
[09/16/20]   Hi Dolls, I will be out of the office for a month starting 9/25 -10/25 please get in before or I will take care of you as soon as I return. Thanks for your patience. Send your prayers I need them.
Love doing makeup. Especially on these beauties.

When your client shows you pics of KK and says give me lashes like her. Okkkkkkk lol

I see the world in her eyes 🌍 she is wearing my lashes beautifully.
SKIN Med Spa & Laser Castle Hills I have joined this beautiful Med Spa. Super excited about my future and allllll God has in store just for me. ;) thanks to everyone for the support, yall that have prayed for and with me. I am blessed and honored to take care of alll your beauty needs. Natural, glowing beauty starts here. Our more natural skin restoration treatments will leave you feeling confident about the skin you're in.
Close up of this beautiful volume set. Ahhhh.
So pretty.
She wanted some purple and some fluff. So pretty. These pictures dont do it justice.
Lashes make life sweeter ;) wear your mask and let your eyes sparkle.
Lashes and brow tint on this beautayyy
This is harder then it looks. But practice makes perfect ;)

I love the beauty field and Im so happy I enjoy making eyelashes its very tedious but my heart loves the final results on all you beautiful ladies.
Just making lashes.
[04/14/20]   Miss you guys, stay safe
Hybrid is so pretty
Hybrid set
Now offering Tooth Gems and Hair Tinsel :)
Even if you barely have lashes, I can help you ;)
Facials on this gorgeous couple ;)
These babies are long. But fit her perfectly.
19,17,16,15s ;)
Some more pics of my work.

Whether you prefer classic, hybrid, volume or extreme volume. I got you covered. :)

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