Arabella Olive Oil

Yeşilköy, Yeşilköy Mh. Atatürk Caddesi, B2 Blok No:85, Bakırköy

Istanbul, 34149

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Wholesale only
Production Year: 2020/21
Minimum Order: 1 Ton Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil
What's your favorite olive? Green or Black or both? ❤
#greenolives #blackolives
Your salad is healthier and tastier with Olive Oil #oliveoil #extravirginoliveoil
FACT: Extra virgin olive oil is the only edible oil that is a fruit juice, obtained by squeezing the olives without any chemical processing. #arabellaoliveoil #oliveoil #extravirginoliveoil
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Arabella Olive Oil

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