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Dr. Robert S. Pappas This is awesome FREE ACCESS TO THE EOU DATABASE IN 2018

Just wanted to say thank you to all my followers who have supported my efforts during the last year of getting this new page going and to show my appreciation I am extending free access to the EOU chemical reference database for the entire year of 2018 to everyone. If you don't already know about it, this is the largest online chemical reference database in the world for essential oils. This has been part of my life's work and we will continue to grow the thousands of literature references and chemical component breakdowns for years to come. Enjoy and SHARE!
Always be careful of the products you use. One of the worst cases of essential oil fraud I have seen all year! Please be wary of a company called Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals! Every oil they sell is a complete fake fragrance compound, some containing phthalates and plasticizers which could be really bad if someone ingested it thinking it’s a true essential oil (even though I don’t advocate ingesting any essential oil, regardless of purity). For example their Lavender was a ridiculous compound with no actual lavender oil and over 24% DEP (DiEthyl Phthalate, a potentially toxic phthalate plasticizer)! I would not even want this oil on my skin so I hesitate to think about people who may have ingested a product like this. All this and the label states 100% Pure Lavender oil (Lavandula Angustifolia)" and "Product of Bulgaria" on the back!

All of the other oils shown here have similar results. Please share this everywhere! There is now a potential class action lawsuit in the works against this company so exposing these frauds is finally starting to gain traction! Stay tuned for more of these frauds to be exposed as I have been retained as an expert in several of these cases already and more will be exposed in the future.
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doterra.com Using doTERRA Neroli Touch | dōTERRA Essential Oils doterra.com Despite the odd-sounding name, Neroli is actually an oil from a familiar source—the bitter orange tree.
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justice.gov Essential Oils Company Sentenced for Lacey Act and Endangered Species Act Violations to Pay $760,000 in Fines, Forfeiture, and Community Service, and to Implement a Comprehensive Compliance Plan justice.gov The Justice Department announced today that YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS, L.C., (the Company), headquartered in Lehi, Utah, pleaded guilty in federal court to federal misdemeanor charges regarding its illegal trafficking of rosewood oil and spikenard oil in violation of the Lacey Act and the Endanger...
doTERRA Essential Oils USA Love Doterra oils and the company What makes doTERRA’s Frankincense essential oil different?
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I'll give this one a try tomorrow When Frankincense is used aromatically it promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness. Diffuse this refreshing springtime blend including Frankincense, Douglas Fir, Cardamom, and Grapefruit to promote these benefits as well as a positive mood, a sense of focus, clear breathing, and motivation.
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Please read below to learn which oils are sensitive to sunlight , one can never be too careful

Here is the full report on the Radha Beauty fake "lavender oil" that was being sold on Amazon and is mostly synthetic aroma chemicals. This 4 oz bottle was selling for $12.95, but now has been removed after I did my video exposing this fraud (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdX_sKIZMKY ) As you can see in the report the markers for synthetic linalool and synthetic linalyl acetate addition are very obvious. From the results we know that the oil is at likely at least 70% synthetic aroma chemicals. The cost for this lavender fragrance oil is likely around $25/kg or less. More results to follow from the other top sellers on Amazon who are scamming people with these fake products. The lavender oil was not the only one that was adulterated. More results to follow. As we expose these frauds and the following complaints to Amazon ensue, these products get removed from the Amazon stores. One by one we are making a difference!
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Many of you watched my videos the other day where I went into Walgreens and purchased their "Frankincense" essential oil that is being offered by a company called Nature's Truth and labeled "100% Pure" on the box and claimed to be of the Boswellia serrata variety, which normally comes from India. The price for this oil was only $6.99 for a 15ml bottle or two bottles for $12.00. Sadly, this oil showed no evidence of having ANY steam distilled frankincense oil in it, at least not that we could detect, and certainly not anywhere remotely close to being 100% pure. It did seem to contain a very small amount of Frankincense CO2 extract, I guess to make themselves feel good, but the product was mainly heavy, non-volatile carrier products with some synthetic aroma chemicals and a little patchouli oil thrown in for good measure. Sadly this is just par for the course when it comes to big chain stores trying to sell essential oils. They just cannot seem to pull it off. Additionally, I went to CVS Pharmacy across the street who is also selling this brand, it was a different lot number but was essentially the same thing that Walgreens was offering. The CVS lot number was 25536.

If you watch video 4 of the series (https://www.facebook.com/EODoctor/videos/1824987701100269/) you can see after returning to my lab with the samples, I show the consistency of the oils compared to authentic frankincense oil. These fake frankincense oils were much thicker in consistency and much less volatile as compared to real frankincense oil and one can easily see the difference by simply dipping a scent strip into the bottle of the fake product while doing the same to the real frankincense and comparing. The real frankincense oil evaporates very quickly compared to the fake ones because the true oil is quite volatile as it contains mainly monoterpenes.

Shown in the pictures below are the shots of the actual bottle purchased from Walgreens as well as the GC/MS analysis reports from the Nature's Truth oil compared to an authentic Boswellia serrata oil we personally water distilled from the resin imported from India. As you can see there are vast differences between the GC profiles, most notably all the heavy junk found in the Nature's Truth oil coming off very late in the run, most of which was too heavy to even come off the column in a single, very long, GC run.

I hope people don't get the wrong impression by my reporting of this. I have nothing against these big retail stores, they are good companies in many respects, but they simply have not invested the time and money in personnel who understand anything about what true essential oils are. And because of their ignornace and desire to get the cheapest product possible on the shelves, they get duped by suppliers who give them the lowest bids and claim the oils are as pure as the driven snow. Hopefully by exposing these fake oils it will cause the big retailers to wake up and not be so willing to just go with whatever newcomer into the industry is willing to give them the lowest quote. I am not giving the retailers a total pass though, certainly they should spend a little resources, better educating their buyers about the products that they are going to offer on their shelves. There are potential consumer safety issues that could arise from these companies selling fake oils to people who assume they are true because they come from a pharmacy and then use them as they would a true oil. Not only this, but if an oil like this fake frankincense were to be put into a nebulizing diffuser it would absolutely ruin your diffuser because of how thick and non-volatile this fragrance oil is. When this happens it gives the entire industry a bad name.

Lastly, I do analysis for a lot of good companies who spend a lot of money to source real essential oils and go to the trouble of having third party labs like EOU do the analtytical testing to insure the quality for their customers. These companies offering the true oils and doing proper QC cannot compete on price with the companies selling the fake products cut with cheap synthetics. Unless someone exposes these companies for what they are, people will just think all essential oils are equal and that they can always get these oils cheaper from a big chain store, when in fact the retail chain stores and Amazon are many times selling the lowest quality fakes that are on the market. I know that a lot of my followers would never consider buying an essential oil from Amazon or one of these big retail chains, but you have to remember that many people simply are not educated enough about essential oils to know the difference.

If you want to see more of these exposés on some of the biggest and highest "reviewed" products sold on Amazon and in big retail stores then please like and follow this page as well as share these results with as many people as possible in order to get the word out.
[04/07/17]   What's your favorite oil? I know so hard to choose. Today mine is digestzen. This oil is so helpful when your belly doesn't feel well.
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www.abc-7.com Cape Coral Hospital testing effects of oils on stroke, pain patients Wonderful blend of holistic and modern medicine www.abc-7.com For decades people have used essential oils like lavender and citrus to relax and de-stress and now doctors in Southwest Florida are working to understand the science behind the oils. Cape Coral Ho...
This months promotions are wonderful!! I use the soap everyday, I like knowing that its a clean product without harmful chemicals. The touch melaleuca is an easy way to take care of skin issues. Promotion valid in the U.S. and Canada.

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Great Bogo today! I use both of these pretty often. Digestzen is one of the oils I always have on hand should my tummy not feel so good. Also great for car sickness for my dog. Marjoram great for any muscle issues. For today only, buy one DigestZen® (15 mL) and get one Marjoram (15 mL) FREE!

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Mydoterra.com/wellnessoftexas For today only, buy one Spearmint (15 mL) and get one Peppermint (15 mL) FREE!

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doTERRA Essential Oils USA To go along with Today's amazing BOGO, here is some information about how doTERRA Lavendar is sourced! "Wherever possible, we like to source plants where they are native, where chemistry is at its peak of its evolutionary masterpiece." -Nicole Stevens, Scientific Advisory Board, doTERRA's Managing Scientist

Check out this video to find out why we source Lavender in Bulgaria and what makes it unique compared to other Lavender essential oils in the market
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SPICE up you LOVE life during the month of love. Try out these mood modifying diffuser blends. Xoxo
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